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    19 Ways "Living Single" Taught Us How To Be Good Friends

    Khadijah, Synclaire, Regine, and Maxine gave us the blueprint – even before that little known show called Friends.

    1. They supported each other's mental health concerns.

    2. They were constantly in each other's business.

    3. They were always brutally honest with one another.

    4. They were always ready to hold each other's weaves when shit got real.

    5. They knew each other better than they knew themselves.

    6. They encouraged each other's dating pursuits.

    7. They would literally give each other the clothes of their backs.

    8. They were all about adult slumber parties.

    9. They knew how to make each other feel special.

    10. They always kept things fun and silly.

    11. They knew each other's sins.

    12. They had girls nights regularly.


    13. Max could always make herself at home even though it wasn't her home. (And even though Reginé kept telling her not to.)

    14. If you had beef with one of them, you had beef with all of them.

    15. They were each other's fashion advisors.

    16. They brought out the best in each other.

    17. They knew each other's limitations.

    They empowered one another.

    18. And they knew the key to long-lasting friendship: lots of laughter.

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