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Posted on Sep 14, 2016

How Well Do You Remember These Celebrity Twitter Fights?

Sometimes you have to clap back.

Match each tweet to the celeb it's directed toward!

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    Khloé tried to come for Amber on Twitter after she made comments about Tyga dating Kylie before she was 18. Things got real real quick once Amber clapped back and dragged Khloé and her family for filth.

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    This random but legendary tweet was the climax of a series of tweets Ciara and Rihanna exchanged after Cici accused Riri of snubbing her at a party while on E!'s Fashion Police. Rihanna responded to the claim on Twitter asking her if she was mad because she didn't tip her, and the rest is history. Sigh, don't you miss Riri's shady era on Twitter?

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    In an effort (seemingly) to squash their ongoing feud, Gaga presented Kelly's mom, Sharon Osbourne, with a birthday cake for her daughter after performing on The X Factor UK (Sharon was a judge) and tweeted the moment. Kelly, however, didn't think the gesture was genuine and questioned why Gaga wouldn't just send her the cake. Gaga decided to go the "kill 'em with kindness" route.

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    We'll never know for sure what sparked Meek's "twitter fingers," but rumor has it he was upset that Drake never tweeted anything to support Meek's album. But instead of the scandalous accusation destroying Drake's career, the exact opposite happened. Drizzy delivered several calculated diss tracks (one got nominated for a freaking Grammy) and continues to take shots at Meek at all his sold out shows to this day. Meek hasn't been seen much on Twitter since.

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    For whatever reason Sinead felt the need to pen a lengthy, concerned, open letter to Miley stating that the provocative singer was being prostituted by the music industry and would likely end up in rehab at some point.

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    OK so basically while they were dating, Taylor wrote the lyrics to Calvin Harris and Rihanna's now-hit song "This Is What You Came For." At the time the couple decided to keep it on the low for whatever reason and Taylor was credited under a pseudonym. Post-break-up her camp confirmed to TMZ that Taylor wrote the song and was apparently "hurt" that Calvin had said in an interview that he couldn't see himself ever collaborating with her. That last part didn't go over well for Calvin and he decided to let the world know how he really felt.

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    While hosting the Soul Train Music Awards, Eykah Badu made a joke about the show banning rap from being honored. Part of the bit included her fake calling Iggy and telling her she could come to the ceremony because what she does "is definitely not rap." Iggy tweeted that the singer was discrediting her accomplishments and Badu responded with this gem.

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    If you don't remember Kanye's epic Twitter rant about Jimmy Kimmel you're not doing this life thing right. It all started after the late night show host spoofed the rapper's BBC interview with Zane Lowe. The good news is they've made up since.

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    The only presidential candidate in our nation's history that would call a celebrity a loser on Twitter after watching him on TV.

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