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    17 People And Things Named Chris That Are More Deserving Of A Holiday Than Columbus

    Because none of them ever stole an entire country from someone.

    1. Christopher Wallace (Biggie Smalls)

    2. Chris Francis (Frank Ocean)

    3. Chris Rock

    4. Chris Tucker

    5. Christopher Bridges (Ludacris)

    6. Hurricane Chris

    7. Kris Kross

    8. Chris Paul

    9. Christopher Martin a.k.a. Play from Kid n' Play.

    10. Dr. Chris Turk from Scrubs

    11. Chris Bosh

    12. Chris from Everybody Hates Chris.

    13. Christopher Gardner (both the real one and the character from Pursuit of Happiness).

    14. Milan Christopher

    15. Crisco

    16. Cristal

    17. And last but not least, your Uncle Chris.

    In the meantime, just celebrate Indigenous People’s Day instead.