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17 People And Things Named Chris That Are More Deserving Of A Holiday Than Columbus

Because none of them ever stole an entire country from someone.

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1. Christopher Wallace (Biggie Smalls)

L. Busacca / WireImage

Jay Z said it best: "The only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace" because even 10 years after his untimely death, Biggie is still one of the greatest rappers to ever do it.


13. Christopher Gardner (both the real one and the character from Pursuit of Happiness).

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Both the real one and Will Smith’s excellent portrayal of him in the movie Pursuit of Happiness.

14. Milan Christopher


Ok hear me out lol. Despite all the messiness, he was part of the Love & Hip Hop's first same-sex couple, so he still ranks higher than stealing a group of people's land and culture if you ask me.