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25 Times Blue Ivy Had Her Shit Together Better Than You

And she JUST turned four.

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1. When she brilliantly decided that her family should dress up like the cast of "Coming To America" for Halloween since they too are royalty.

2. And her cat eye and edges were crisper than your uncle's linen pants at last year's 4th of July cookout.

3. Every time she flew in a private jet.

Instagram: @beyonce

4. And helicopter.

5. When she helped keep her mom's dancers on beat from the audience during the VMAs.


6. When she dodged the kiss you would die for on national TV because she decided to give the people something to talk about.


7. But then let her know that she was still better than all the other moms back stage.


8. When she and her mom wore matching cut-out bathing suits while on a private yacht making your summer look like shit.

9. When she demanded a real mic to use while getting her mom's team together because toy mics are for children.

10. When she made her TV debut in a HBO documentary.

Parkwood Entertainment

11. And then her modeling debut in the biggest fashion magazine in the world – Vogue. All before she turned one.

Instagram: @beyonce

12. When she helped the Women's US soccer team win the world cup.

13. When she took matters into her own hands and got her dad in shape for the On The Run tour.

Parkwood Entertainment / Via

14. When she taught Auntie Solange how to do make-up.

15. And officiated her wedding.

16. When she got her dad to buy her an entire ice cream truck because no one tells Blue she doesn't have options.

17. When she choreographed her mom's music video.

Parkwood Entertainment / Via

18. When she turned the Eiffel Tower into her own private playground.

19. When she and her mom showed that "flossin' on that, flawless" wasn't just a lyric but a lifestyle.

20. When she produced one of the greatest world tours of all time.

21. When she did "uptown chic" better than the entire city of New York.

22. Every time she drinks her juice out of a Grammy award.

CBS / Via

23. When she had a millionaire carry her around because she was too tired to walk.

24. When she convinced her mom joining Instagram would be good for her brand.

25. And when she taught everyone how to address her in the most fashionable way possible.

Happy 4th Birthday Princess Blue! 👑🐝

Parkwood Entertainment / Via

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