39 Photos Of Black Graduates Guaranteed To Make You Say "YAAASS"

The past year of police brutality, murders, marches, and riots have left many of us feeling numb. Here’s an extra helping of black excellence from the class of 2015 to help you feel again.

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2. When your squad reaches new heights.


3. When your black excellence defies gravity.


4. When you and your biggest cheerleader win at the same damn time.


5. When stuntin' is more than a habit.


6. When you know your history.


7. When your future's so bright it blinds you.


8. When you know you're carrying all your ancestors across the stage with you.

Lindsay Hayes / Via instagram.com

11. When you know you couldn't have done it without your parents.


12. When you know what it takes to save a life.


13. When you're a proud alum.


15. When you've got brains and beauty.


16. When educated looks good from all angles.


17. When your smile is as big as your accomplishments.


18. When you simply just know.


19. When you lead by example.


20. When you just can't contain your excitement.


21. When you know you made it.


22. When you got two chains and two degrees.


23. When you know who and whose you are.

Via christoddwhite.tumblr.com

24. When you're walking on air so no shoes are needed.


25. When everything about you is on fleek.

Via adriannala.tumblr.com

26. When you set yourself apart from the pack.

Via theblackcollegian.tumblr.com

27. When you're smart enough to fit this many people in a selfie.

Via couldbekash.tumblr.com

28. When you know you got next.

Via learningtolove-21.tumblr.com

29. When you make educated look fly.

Via freiervogul.tumblr.com

30. When you know who runs the world — girls!

Via thecoolnamesweretakenx.tumblr.com

31. When you're on a team full of masters.

Via longlegzcrossing.tumblr.com

32. When you make those you love proud.

Via amidel.tumblr.com

33. When your class photo just screams black excellence, opulence, decadence!

Via benevolentblackgirl.tumblr.com

34. When you see everyone who didn't think you'd make it.

Via disorderly-fashion.tumblr.com

35. When your degree adds a pep to your step.

Via fashionandmodeluniversity.tumblr.com

36. When both your heels and GPA are high.

Via flyer-vida.tumblr.com

37. When you smile for the haters.

Via lorimichellecee.tumblr.com

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