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    13 Things You Missed At The 2015 BET Awards

    "You wanna bumble with the bee huh!?"

    1. When Lil Kim came out the muthafuckin ground.

    2. When Diddy danced in the glass box from every '90s Bad Boy Records video.

    3. When Diddy fell. / Via

    (OK, so clearly the entire Bad Boy Records tribute won tonight.)

    4. When Anthony Anderson impersonated Sam Smith and accepted his award.

    5. When Ciara danced the routine she was born to dance during the Janet Jackson tribute.

    6. When Rihanna did us all a solid and duct-taped Floyd Mayweather's mouth shut.

    7. When Kendrick started the show by screaming "all my life I had to fight, n***a!"

    8. When Tracee couldn't help but laugh when she had to intro Chris Brown and Tyga.

    Can we revisit that shade moment right quick?

    Shade or nah?

    9. When Nicki brought Mama Minaj onto the stage.

    10. When the Black-ish stars came for the Empire stars.

    11. When Jussie used his performance to add an exclamation point to pride weekend.

    12. When black love prospered.

    13. And finally: when Tracee Ellis Ross (and her bountiful behind) flew into the show.