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    A Definitive Ranking Of Shade Thrown By The Atlanta Housewives This Season

    Shade, reads, digs, and everything in-between.

    31. Because, like most of Kenya's shade, this one has points deducted for unnecessary roughness.

    30. Because Phaedra was accurate, but we've heard this before.

    Bravo / Via

    29. Because it was a good attempt, Kim.

    28. Because this was one of many house jokes Kenya's been waiting to make since she found out Shereé was returning.

    Bravo / Via

    27. Because Kim's face.

    26. Because this was a good response to Kenya talking about something she doesn't have but it wasn't delivered to her face.

    25. Because Kandi expertly executed the in-between-your-tracks-scratch, which is sign language for shade.

    Bravo / Via

    24. Because, Phaedra is the best at delivering shade with a smile.


    23. Because sometime's an exaggerated sip is all it takes.

    Bravo / Via

    22. Because how many jokes are you going to make about this Kenya?

    Bravo / Via

    21. Because Porsha got straight to the point.

    20. Because no one can mix religion and shade quite like Phaedra.

    19. Because ironically, Kim, this was still a read.

    18. Because Nene's actually throwing shade at all of us.

    Bravo / Via

    17. And then gave this accurate description of how Kandi would react to the news.

    16. Because only Porsha can shade herself.

    15. Because, Kenya made a rare literary reference.

    Bravo / Via

    14. Because Kim gave Kenya the same look we all did.

    13. Because it's always a pleasant surprise when Porsha is this clever.

    Bravo / Via

    12. Because she's talking about a man. #ruthless

    11. Because Phaedra was talking about the same evening Porsha was above but managed to keep it classy while still being equally shady.

    Bravo / Via

    10. Because she ain't lying (re: Cynthia and Kenya's friendship).

    9. Not sure if it's because Kandi sat with a gangsta lean during every interview or because she kept resting her hand on her belly, but somehow being pregnant made Kandi even more shady.

    Bravo / Via

    Pregnant Kandi = Shady af.

    8. Because we've all wanted to say this to Porsha at least once.

    7. Because yes this is true, but it's also true for her too.

    6. Because only a pro would sacrifice privacy for the sake of a good read.

    Bravo / Via

    5. Because Phaedra's giving much-needed advice to the masses with this one.

    4. Because only few are petty enough to give this shady ass greeting.

    3. Because Cynthia denying being besties with Kenya after acting like her bestie all season resulted in the shadiest glances ever exchanged on television.

    Bravo / Via

    2. Because Sheree, queen of one-liners, will always have a better clapback than the one you hit her with.

    Bravo / Via

    1. Because this was the best response of the season.

    No one throws shade quite like the Real Housewives of Atlanta!

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