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50 Cent And The Cast Of "Power" Play 'Would You Rather?'

Everyone is Team Tasha, but did they all pick G-Unit over Bad Boy Records?

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The characters on Starz's original drama Power are no strangers to playing mind games and having to make quick, tough decisions. So we decided to put the cast in the hot seat for the ultimate game of the mind — "Would you rather?" — and see if their personal decisions align with the ones their characters may have to make during Season 2. We also threw in some random fun questions, just cuz.

Naturi Naughton: Oh, gosh. I would rather own a night club.

Joseph Sikora: Drug kingpin.

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson: Well the nightclub in this actual situation is losing money so, drug kingpin. It would be funner than losing money.


Lela Loren: I'd rather be a drug kingpin. So..

Omari Hardwick: ... So you could open a store to sell cats?

LL: So I can murder people!


NN: I'mma get rich or die trying! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I have to go hard, I gotta do it! Thank you, 50! That's what I'm trying to do right now! We're all just trying to make it out here.

LL: Live a simple life.

OH: Get rich or die trying. And then live a simple life on the other end.

Would you rather be partners with Ghost of Tommy?

JJ: Tommy.

50: Tommy.

NN: I'd probably rather be partners with Ghost because Tommy's hot headed. I don't know what could happen. His emotions are all over the place right now, and Holly's in his life — I'll be partners with Ghost. Even though he's lying to [my character] right now.

OH: It's always Team Tasha, you always go with the wife. If you went that far, at that particular age that Ghost is, to marry her, then Omari would say Team Tasha.

LL: I'm Team Tasha.

OH: Yeah, we all are. I turn my back on [Angela].

LL: If you need to get a divorce then, handle that properly and then you go forth. Clean up your room before you go out and play.


NN: They're both a terrible option. I was going to say definitely not a reality show. Can it be a docu-series?


NN: On OWN! I can't do mosquitos, I really can't, but I can't do a regular reality show either. I would never.

JS: Eat a mouthful of mosquitos!

50: Eat a mouthful of mosquitos.

Would you rather go head-to-head against Tasha or Holly?

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OH: I would take Tasha. She has more heart. Holly might be the other biggest gangsta in the show.

JS: Holly.

50: Yeah, Holly, Tasha is a little more advanced. She’s been around it longer.

JS: [Tasha's] got guns.

50: Yeah, she does.


OH: New York City over Miami, for sure.

LL: I really like the fruit in Miami.

OH: I really like Miami. I've spent so much time there with my poetry group but visitation only.

JS: New York.

50: New York.

NN: New York all the way. I love being here.

NN: That's hard because I'm a hard worker, and my career means a lot to me. But the love of your life, you can only get that once. You can always get another dream job. People are so much more valuable.

OH: Dream job.

LL: Dream job.

JS: Dream job.

50: Love of my life, because I don't have a love of my life to keep. He's [Joseph] married, so he's already found the right person.

JJ: I didn't even hesitate.


Would you rather go up against Ghost or Kanan?

NN: Team Ghost! Definitely. Love Kanan, but I have to go with Ghost — that's my husband.

LL: I would rather go against Kanan.

OH: Yeah. Kanan is that, "Oh, that's gonna hurt in the morning." Ghost is that, "Oh, that's gonna hurt for the rest of your life."

Would you rather spend the night partying or binging Netflix?

NN: Binging on Netflix. I'm not a big partier anymore, even though I love to dance. I'm actually really the turn-up person in the club, but I'm getting up there in age. No, I'm just joking. I'm such a chill, watch-my-shows person.


LL: Wait. What?

OH: Let me switch chairs with you real quick. [Literally switches chairs.] Now Lela doesn't know what code name you just put out. I had to sit here because this woman right here doesn't know if you're talking about the alphabet or what. This is hilarity right now. L, G-Unit is 50's label.

LL: Ohhhh.

OH: Bad Boy is Sean "Puffy" Combs' label.

LL: Well then, I would have to choose 50 Cent because he gave me employment.


NN: Baaaaad boooy. Oh wait. No, G-Uuuuunittt. No, It's hard because I played Lil' Kim in Notorious, so I instantly went my Kim! But for Power I'm all GGGG-unit! I refuse to make a choice! No, I'm gonna go with G-Unit for sure.

JS: G-Unit!

50: Bad boy or G-Unit? G-unit! Everybody on Bad Boy gets killed.