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    13 Things You'll Only Find Scary If You’re A Content Marketer...

    Don’t be spooked this Halloween; Here is a light-hearted list of some all-too-common content marketing nightmares.

    1. Your email got ONE click through.

    Steven Titchner / Via

    Getting one clickthrough is worse than none. At least if your analytics show a big fat zero, there's a chance the email didn't launch properly. With one click, you've no excuse.

    2. You wrote "findable content" nobody was looking for. / Via

    Inbound marketing is about lying in wait until your readers are ready, then jumping out with a friendly BOO! Trouble is, sometimes we jump before anyone's ready to consume our content - and that's just scary.

    3. Your data was a car crash, but you did it anyway. / Via

    Judgement sampling – choosing a subset of data that makes your point clearer - can make content more interesting. But you knew before you hit 'Publish' that it was about as statistically rigorous as a zombie horde, didn't you?

    4. UTC +1 SUMMERTIME OMG? / Via

    An icy finger touches your spine... you've forgotten your webinar audience is in a far away time zone. You can't save souls in an empty church.

    5. Your boss overheard “Targeting is key” in the lunch queue... it just became your job...

    Steven Titchner / Via

    Targeted content can be over-targeted. Thinking you were clever, you sectioned and segmented and then realised there were only two names left on the list. If they want targeting, let them pay for the data lists!

    6. The boss wants US-only research sources NOT from competitors, NOT from small websites, but NOT from big websites either because there are analyst agreements... / Via

    You knew you didn't have enough links and sources in there... but you published anyway. Now the Grim Reaper of Google is scything away at your search results.

    7. You got trolled!

    Steven Titchner / Via

    Admit it: you looked at propensity-to-comment and time-on-page without looking at what that community was saying. Now your content's six feet under.

    8. You agreed to write ‘101 ways to...’

    Steven Titchner / Via

    You've got 4 ways... only 97 ideas to go...

    9. Your newsjack worked: but it was as funny as a funeral. / Via

    If you're going to ride a trending news topic to get your content out there, it's got to be relevant and appropriate.

    10. You could have sworn they approved the copy...

    ... But because the CEO hates it, suddenly everyone has disappeared and been replaced with tumbleweeds.

    11. There was one typo. / Via

    That's right - you wrote 17,000 tweets and one of them had a typo. Sadly, you got caught, and now it's content department armageddon.

    12. Your boss had a great title idea. / Via

    "Well, content marketing is so easy anyone can do it, so I'll definitely take your wonderful tips. Maybe I'll tell you how to do your job next time."

    13. Your boss asked “Why are you publishing ‘5 ways to something something’ again?” / Via

    Because I RAN OUT OF IDEAS, OK?

    Remember / Via

    Your primary responsibility is to your reader. If doubts are gnawing at you, listen to them.

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