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    • sylviagrace

      I’ve lived in countries where the feral cat population has been huge due to ignorance, lack of help and downright cruelty by the locals. To see the pictures of Fukuoka is heartwarming indeed. All the cats are clearly cared for by the locals which isadelight to see and alsoatestament to those people for demonstrating humanity to the cats. I’ve also taken in five feral cats and domesticated them…. given time they do adjust to home comforts and they make lovely pets. All of my feral cats lived toaripe old age too, one lived to 20, another 19, and 17. They have strong immune systems passed on by the feral parents. It’sacase of only the strong survive.
      Cats are clean creature by nature and do not shit all over the place. In fact they are cleaner than than most other species includingalot of humans who can be filthy.
      Finally, to say the are responsible for decimating other species is way off. If it wasn’t for cats most towns and cities would be overrun and infested by rats and cockroaches. Think of the plague and thank the cats forajob well done!!!Ido love birds and it does sadden me whenacat captures one but, think about the bird population and all the hunting birds that kill the other ones. It’s called survival of the fittest.

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