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    • SylviaGiovanna

      Mine happened many many years ago during my childhood and I don’t remember any of it except for two crucial moment of the entire day so all I know about it is from what others told me. If it weren’t for those super distinctive memories and the aftermath, I wouldn’t believe that it happened the way it did.  My little brother was around three and I was about five when we got really sick one time. He had been sick for a few days and my mom ran out of his medicine one day so she didn’t have his last dose for the night. My parents decided both to go to make it as quick as possible so my mom could run in the pharmacy before they closed and my dad didn’t have to find parking. The nanny offered to stay with us so my brother didn’t have to go outside because that particular friday her new boyfriend was picking her up for the first time and she wasn’t rushed to catch her bus. I whined my way into the car and because it was supposed to be super quick my mom agreed. Now here’s the part I remember perfectly, I was obsessed with my brother’s green car seat for a few weeks before this happened, it had this velevety mid 90’s fabric that I can picture to this day but I wasn’t allowed to sit in it for the obvious reason that it was my brother’s and it wasn’t safe for me, well that night on the way back from the pharmacy I decided to give zero fucks and live my best life and I did something I’d never done before, I unstrapped myself from my seat and without making a noise I switched seats and I completely remember the moment I reached across the back seat and getting to the car seat that was behind the drivers seat. I remember feeling that it was weird seeing it empty without my brother in it and then a tunnel vision and this nagging urge to sit in it. I remember feeling like it had to be at that moment, right away. It wasn’t a counscious thought, it was this need to move. Then after that I remember the car stopping to make a left turn towards the hill that lead to our neighbourhood no more than two or three blocks after I switched seats and my mom had just noticed my bitchass had moved and was in no way strapped in cause I obviously didn’t fit in this car seat and had turned to look at me and to try to coax me out of there and back to my seat . We couldn’t have been more that 5 mins from our house.  That’s all I remember from right before this incident right before the drunk driver hit us from behind so hard that my mom’s passanger seat broke and crushed the back passenger seat from the angle he hit us from.. The one I was just sitting on moments before. It was a hit and run, and besides a couple of witnesses that came rushing out from the restaurant, right across from where we were hit the way they identified the vehicle was from the almost perfect imprint left by the front plates of the truck that hit us on the side that was crushed from the force that his stupid ass rammed us with. My mom had to wear a neck brace and had some back problems after that, my dad I believe had some brushing but I didn’t have a single scratch on me at all because the car seat was such a tight fit that it was like I was in a little protective box. I shit you not.

    • SylviaGiovanna

      “The one with Chandler’s dad” and that one scene where they go to Vegas to invite his dad to the wedding is one (if not THE one) of my favourite scenes in the whole show. I like how they’re both so awkward but Monica is there by his side and helps him through a difficult moment for him and he leans on her cause deep inside he knows she’s right by making him talk to his dad. That and when they are outside Central Perk discussing getting together hypothetically in “The one at the Beach” and Monica laughs at the idea and he’s all like “hey nice to met you hey” trying to convince her that he could be a good boyfriend. It’s so cute once you know what’s happens later on?

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