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I Sent My Instagram Crush This Opening Message

Sometimes you just gotta shoot your shot.

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"So I've come across you by the means of social media and against better judgement and all logic have decided to go ahead and message you after surmising that you are seemingly quite intriguing and to be even more frank, a fit bloke. So here is a list of the best pick up lines that I laughed out loud to ( as well as my mates when I shared it with them) and went down a rabbit hole searching. Hopefully you will reply in kind."

10. Hey babe, I love feeling your rationally self interested heart beat next to mine, but I just love checking my own pulse more. Are you ready to step on the rungs of opportunity to climb my ladder of success?

"Right so in all seriousness, I hope this message finds you well, and hopefully gave you a much needed laugh to start your day! Sincerely, Sylvia xx"

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