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10 Things You See More Clearly Because You're A Parent

A new perspective. A parent-spective!

1. Once you're a parent, you start to see how vacations can actually be stressful.

2. You're way more conscious of the sugar count in foods.

3. And animals.

4. And germs.

5. You are hugely aware of expiration dates.

6. You now know why your parents were so diligent about car repairs.

7. You're super-aware of local school events all of a sudden.

8. And your own cursing.

9. You have a much more conservative view of budgeting.

10. You realize sleep is a sacred, sacred thing.

When you're a parent, you tend to see things more clearly and safely. Before you hit the road with the family, be sure to choose SYLVANIA SilverStar ULTRA, SYLVANIA's farthest down-road headlight.