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11 Thoughts We Had While Watching The First Episode Of “Deadly Class”

The '80s have never looked so good...and neither has your new internet boyfriend, Benjamin Wadsworth. Watch the first episode of Deadly Class below, and tune in Wednesdays at 10/9c on SYFY!

If you haven't seen SYFY's new show Deadly Class, you need to GET. ON. IT. Here are all our thoughts on the premiere! (Warning: contains minor spoilers for Episode 1.)

1. The characters are instantly lovable, flaws and all.

2. The '80s have never looked so good...

3. ...and they've never sounded so good either.

4. Lana Condor's Saya is a scene-stealing badass.

5. Kings Dominion is unlike any academy you've seen before...

6. ...and the cliques at Kings Dominion are way more exciting than just "jocks" and "nerds."

7. The story remains loyal to its source material...

8. ...but it also adds new characters and exciting new possibilities.

9. We stan a love triangle.

10. Did we mention Benjamin Wadsworth is total internet BF material?

11. And, in addition to the romance, action, and fun, it explores very real and relevant issues.

Images courtesy of SYFY

Watch the entire first episode of Deadly Class here, and tune in to new episodes Wednesdays at 10/9c on SYFY!