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11 Ways Magic Would Legit Ruin Your Life

Fantasy might not be as fantastic as you thought. Get more glimpses of the dark side of magic by checking out Season 2 of Syfy's The Magicians, Wednesdays at 9/8c.

1. Non-magic friends would constantly hit you up for favors.

2. You could read your S.O.'s thoughts, and that would NOT make your life easier.

3. You just KNOW that magical creatures would end up being pests at least half the time.

4. If you could grow candy in your backyard you'd never eat anything healthy ever again.

5. Your talking pet would tell your dates all of your secrets.

6. You'd lose touch with modern technology pretty much immediately.

7. You'd be exposed to a whole new set of creepy pick-up lines. MAGICAL creepy pick-up lines.

8. Every time you wanted to magically create a sandwich you'd look like you're low-key vogueing.

9. You'd be tempted to irreversibly punish anyone who even slightly annoyed you.

10. You'd probably have to quit drinking because slurring while casting a spell = dramatic consequences.

11. Everyone would expect you to use your power to address big issues, but you'd mainly use it to replenish your wine and locate your keys.

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