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18 Snaps You Can Only Take At Comic-Con

It's not every day a zombie photobombs you.

1. The "Nothing to See Here" snap:

2. The "Role Model" snap:

3. The "Leg Day" snap:

4. The "Selfie With a Savior" snap:

5. The "PSA" snap:

6. The "Most Adorable Joker" snap:

7. The "Just Add Trap Music" snap:

8. The "That Escalated Quickly" snap:

9. The "Hellboy in His Happy Place" snap:

10. The "Best Snap I've Ever Taken" snap:

11. The "Virtual Reality N00b" snap:

12. The "Why Make Trillions When We Could Make...Billions?" snap:

13. The "Luchador Vs. Dirty Table" snap:

14. The "Never Not Training" snap:

15. The "I'm Broke and I Like It" snap:

16. The "Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken" snap:

17. The "Pirate's Life for Me" snap:

18. And the "It's Hot AF and Crowded AF but Also Worth It AF" snap:

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