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11 Serious Struggles Of Being A Recovering Asshole

Admitting you're an asshole is the first step to living a better, "happier" life.

1. When you automatically go into “eye roll” mode around extremely positive people:

2. When people don't seem to understand your particular brand of optimism:

3. Or, even worse, they mistake it for an invitation of friendship:

4. When you have a very bad case of RDF (Resting Dick Face):

5. Everyone else: "How hard is it to just say something nice?" You:

6. When you try to say something nice and people don't believe you:

7. When people seem to make a big deal out of the new and improved you, which makes it even harder to not be an asshole:

8. You're not perfect. Some days you slip up.

9. But when you encounter a situation that requires you to actually tap into your inner asshole, you're like:

10. When you come across another recovering asshole:

11. When people just don't understand the inner turmoil you're going through to try to be less of an asshole:

All imagery courtesy of SYFY.

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