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29 Reasons Lana Condor And The Cast Of "Deadly Class" Are About To Be Your New Social Media Obsession

Fall in love with these sweet-as-can-be actors before watching their deadly characters kick ass in Deadly Class, premiering Jan. 16 on SYFY.

Meet Lana Condor — actor, dancer, and certified cool(est?) person.

On Jan. 16, Lana hits the small screen as Kings Dominion student and all-around badass Saya Kuroki in SYFY's Deadly Class.

But when she's not kicking ass, she's waxing poetic about the day's most important meal...

So every morning when I go to work I have a breakfast burrito. Cuz thats OBVIOUSLY the only way to begin the day, & arguably a fool proof way to have an amazing day. This morning my call time was later and I missed out on my breakfast burrito... and I no longer know who I am?


...or generally just keeping it (painfully) real.

Do you even just constantly second guess yourself?

YES 👏 Lana 👏 every 👏 single 👏 day.

She's more than willing to share the spotlight.

Not to mention she also keeps excellent human company.

But honestly the whole Deadly Class cast is #goals.

Their road-trip Polaroid selfies are effortlessly cool...

...and even on-screen enemies are off-screen friends.

Their smiles are downright contagious.

Their work ethic is next-level...

...but they also know how to relax.

Their love extends to EVERYone.

...and everyTHING.

Yes, even (or especially?) to animals!

Like, they really love them!

They can #TBT with the best of us.

And their glow-ups are even more impressive.

They're multihyphenates.

They give some really solid advice.

if you’re not your favourite person are you really doing self love right???

Listen to Taylor Hickson, who plays goth girl Petra, and LOVE YO' SELF.

They're down to get a little mischievous...

...and they stan a group selfie...

...especially when only one of them comes to work dressed up for Halloween.

Speaking of costumes, they strongly believe that sharing is caring.

Who wore it best?

And out of costume, they clean up quite well.

Deep down, they're total softies...

So do we, Ben. So do we.

...and natural poets.

A rose by any other name would not smell as sweet

Remixing Shakespeare? Bold.

They may just turn your world upside down.

But more than anything, they're familia. ♥️️

FAMILIA!!!! 😍 #DeadlyCast

Now that you know the actors behind the characters, watch them kick ass in the first episode of Deadly Class on SYFY — and for more behind-the-scenes fun, follow @DeadlyClassSYFY.

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