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13 Times When Magic Would Make Your Life So Much Better

Never go broke when you can literally think money into existence. Life with magic is just so much better. See how the heroes of The Magicians use their magic when Season 3 returns this January on SYFY.

1. Bad date? Ghost on them IRL with a vanishing spell.

2. Cocktails are cool, but handcrafting your own magic elixir is basically like magic mixology.

3. Buy avocado toast and a house by controlling the ATM with your mind.

4. And apparently when you have magic, you can look fierce as hell, even when you're about to battle another kingdom.

5. Accidentally caught some feelings? Literally bottle them up and throw that shit away.

6. Say goodbye to those damn expensive juices and hello to just thinking your fruit into existence.

7. Or give the middle finger to diets altogether and cast a spell that lets you eat whatever the hell you want.

8. Missed flights and long security lines are a thing of the past when you can just travel to other worlds through portals.

9. OK. Who wouldn't want to have levitating sex? Just once...or twice. Maybe thrice. ;-)

10. And don't pretend you aren't curious to know what it's like to get stoned on a cosmic level.

11. Sure, you may have heard of magic mushrooms in your world. But try to imagine magic brownies that let you dissolve into other worlds entirely.

12. And for all the times you're feeling bored and hella lonely, you can just conjure up your own damn pet.

13. Not to mention, whenever someone pisses you off, you can remind them you have magic within and can destroy them. *smiles*

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Life with magic is just better. Watch these heroes embark on a quest to bring magic back when The Magicians returns Jan. 10 on SYFY.

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