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19 Sci-Fi Moments In Defiance That Will Make You Squee

New Earth. New rules. Catch Syfy's Defiance on Mondays at 9/8c.

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1. When Nolan fought a bioman:

2. And didn't pull any punches:


3. When Irisa showed everyone why she's not to be trifled with:

4. When Stahma introduced us to Castithan bathing customs:

5. And Datak showed off his awesomely maniacal laugh:

6. When Nolan and his crew covered themselves in shtako to keep the hellbugs away:

7. When the Volge come to attack:

8. And the people of Defiance rallied together to defend their home:

9. When Ben goes rogue and rocks a sweet coldfire gun:

Lazerz pew pew!

10. When a hellbug attacks Datak's household:

11. And Datak turns it into shish kebab:

The only good hellbug is a dead hellbug.

12. When Irisa rides in to save the day:

13. And then gets saved by Tommy in turn:

14. When Alak and Christie showed that love knows no boundaries:

15. When Irisa practiced her alien yoga:

16. And showed how graceful and deadly she can be:

17. When Doc Yewll macgyvered a terrasphere into a giant death laser:

And you thought playing battleship was hard...

It required working with a lot of spinny hexagons:

18. But it wiped out all the Volge in one big boom:

19. When Irathients showed their sense of humor:

Catch Syfy's Defiance on Mondays at 9/8c.