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    Pets Everywhere Are Loving "Yellowstone Live" And Their Owners Are Posting Pics To Prove It

    FINALLY!! A show all species can agree on...

    If you haven't been following National Geographic's four-night TV event Yellowstone Live, you've been seriously missing out on some prime wildlife experiences — and so have your pets!!!

    Viewers everywhere have been sharing pictures and videos of their pets being *thoroughly* entertained by the show...

    The funniest thing happened as I’m watching Yellow Stone Live. My cat got up from laying down and decided to watch it with me. I guess he likes bear 🐻 🤣

    Like this lil' kitters whose inner hunter JUMPED OUT!!!!!!

    #YellowstoneLive one of our feline friends watching along...

    And this lady who seemed to prefer the show's geothermal features:

    During the first 3 nights of #YellowstoneLive, folks have posted pictures of their companion #animals staring or leaping at the on-screen #wildlife. My Marie prefers the geothermal features. #catsofgeology

    This doodle LIVED for the segment on bears:

    My dog is loving @NatGeo #YellowstoneLive

    As did this kitters!!!!!!!!

    Lol my cat is at it again. He likes the baby bears playing #YellowstoneLive @NatGeoChannel @natgeowild

    Two puppers + HD wolf footage = CHAOTIC GOOD!!!!!!!!!

    And don't even get me STARTED on those beavers!!!!!!!

    Lol watching #YellowstoneLive with the family and my cat doesn't know what do to with the beavers @NatGeo

    The show concludes tonight at 9 p.m. ET — so feel free to tune in with your pet and tweet along!!!!!!!!

    Happy viewing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Goldendoodle “Bear” very interested in Lollypop the skunk! #YellowstoneLive