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    19 Pictures That Kids Alive In The Late '90s Have Repressed Somewhere Deep Down — Like, Deeeeep Down

    Burger King, please bring back the crown-shaped nugs expeditiously.

    1. For starters, these labels that graced all of our various VHS tapes:

    The labels that came with VHS tapes. from nostalgia


    Being mystified by the magic toy baby bottles as a kid from nostalgia

    3. These band posters, specifically paired with this tropical wallpaper:

    Band Posters from nostalgia

    4. Aah, yes — the vintage quantity of 10!

    90s kids, remember what 10 looked like?! from 90s

    5. These Happy Meal bags that provided endless entertainment among McDonald's various other playground and ball pit escapades!

    Who remembers when McDonalds happy meals were bagged and had little activities on the side? (it was up until 2008 or so) from nostalgia

    6. This *very* change machine at your local Charles Entertainment Cheese establishment:

    If you’ve been to Chuck E. Cheese you KNOW which change machine I’m talking about from nostalgia

    7. These mini boxes of Corn Pops, back when they were adorned with foil bags:

    Corn Pops in the foil bags from nostalgia

    8. The universal experience of The Green Chip™:

    That weird Green Potato Chip you always threw back in the bag from nostalgia

    9. Millennios™!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Still technically 90’s from 90s

    10. This unearthed relic of yesteryear!!!!!!!!

    Found an artifact while gardening... Kool Aid Burst twist-off cap, mid 90s probably? I can almost taste it. from nostalgia

    11. The Mr. Men books, of course:

    Found my old MR MEN books from nostalgia

    12. This highly coveted and revered Pizza Hut ✨Free Pizza Award Certificate✨:

    A pizza coupon I found recently. from nostalgia

    13. This — dare I say — iconic Reebok box??????

    The box your Reebox shoes came in. from nostalgia

    14. These delectable crown-shaped chicken nugs!!! 😌

    Anyone else remember when Burger King used to sell their nuggets in crown shapes? from nostalgia

    15. This omnipresent fishing trip/beach day buddy:

    This little playmate cooler was a part of many fishing trips for me back in the 90s from nostalgia

    16. This ol' geography thingy!!!!!!!

    Remember switching out the Geo Safari cards. from nostalgia

    17. These timed math worksheets that deeply scarred us all:

    Elementary school math drills. I think I’ve determined the root of my anxiety. from nostalgia

    18. Milky gel rollers?! CLASSIC!!!!!!!

    I see your stacking cartridge pencils and I raise you Milky Pens! from nostalgia

    19. And finally, this artifact from many, many moons ago:

    Cleaning out the house, and found my dad’s old Blockbuster membership card. It was issued in the year 2000! from nostalgia

    H/T r/nostalgia

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