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    This Is The Perfect Instagram For Introverts To Scroll Through After A Long Day Of Being Around People

    *scrolls through @introvertdoodles and quietly chuckles to self*

    Your new fave Instagram, @introvertdoodles, is the brilliant work of soft-spoken author and illustrator Maureen "Marzi" Wilson.

    Basically, if you recharge by binging Netflix shows with your pet, daydreaming about treehouses, and wishing other people would just leave you the fuck alone, you're gonna love her work.

    Wilson told BuzzFeed: "I started Introvert Doodles after taking an online personality quiz and comprehending, for the first time, that I was an introvert. Doodling was my way of processing the new things I was learning about myself."

    "My favorite moment as an introvert was when I realized I’d finally made friends I truly connected with. We spent a quiet Friday night assembling a cat puzzle in front of the fireplace, and it was cozy perfection. It feels so good when you find people who understand you!"

    Marzi's gifted us with the game we never knew we needed:

    A *FaBuLoUs* weekend bucket list:

    Birthday plans:

    AND an après-day mood board:

    TL;DR: Marzi just ~gets~ you.

    "I’d like people to know that being introverted is absolutely okay. Quit fighting against your temperament and start appreciating the traits that make you unique. Take time to engage in self-discovery."

    Follow Marzi and all her introverted moments at @introvertdoodles, and while you're at it, grab some copies of her books, Introvert Doodles and The Introvert Activity Book!

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