16 "Sorry, Wrong Person" Texts That'll Make You Cringe Down To Your Core

    "I sent 'I love you' to my girlfriend. Then told her 'wrong person,' as I meant to send it to my mother."

    Have you ever texted the wrong person something absolutely cringey? Well, turns out it's happened to the best of us.

    So when Reddit user u/a1ham posted the question "What is the worst text message you've ever sent to the wrong person?" in r/AskReddit, people had A LOT to say. Here are some of my personal favorite replies:

    1. This Brotherly Love

    "My brother and I were flying back from visiting my other brother. He was sitting next to me on the plane when I got a text from him that said, 'I can't wait to be inside you.'"


    2. The PUNCH-line

    "I texted my boss instead of my fiancée (then girlfriend): 'MFW I eat the pussy so good you punch me in the back of the head.' I immediately apologized, tried to play it off as if my friend had grabbed my phone, etc., etc.

    "She never responded. She never brought it up until I came to work after getting engaged. My boss looked at me, placed her fist on her head, and said, 'Well, we all know why she said yes.'

    "I turned so very, very, very red. Well played."


    3. The Out-of-Office Offense

    "A few minutes after telling my boss I was sick and wouldn’t be at work, I texted him, ‘Got my fishing rods lined up, cooler is full of beer, and boat is in the water. See you at the dock in 20.'"


    4. The Googly Eyeful

    "Freshman year of college, my girlfriend's name was right next to my manager's name in my phone. I sent her a picture with googly eyes and a leprechaun hat poorly edited onto my penis, captioned: 'Can I find your pot o' gold tonight?'

    "It went to my manager who then proceeded to call me and laugh for a solid 15 minutes."


    5. The Goodnight Text

    "Sometimes my phone doesn't save names and only saves numbers, so I know contacts by the last three digits. Both my girlfriend's number and her stepfather's number ended in the same three digits. I sent him a message simply saying, 'Heading off to bed now, will talk to you tomorrow, love you x.'

    "He replied with 'I love you too, but I think you should also tell Alice that just in case she gets jealous.'"


    6. The False Alarm

    "I texted something like, 'He passed away early this morning. It was sudden, the doctors say it was in his sleep and peaceful.' It was supposed to be to my wife about a friend's dad who had died, but instead, I sent it to one of my brothers who asked about our other brother a couple of days before and I hadn't answered.

    "So he got the text and then no follow-up from me because I was running around. He phoned me like 10 times. I felt so bad for scaring the shit out of him."


    7. The Boss Who's Down to Hang

    "I meant to text my wife, 'We will go clothes shopping after I get off work,' but I accidentally sent it to my boss. He just texted back, 'OK, but I gotta usher at mass first.'"


    8. Mom? Mouth? Close Enough

    "My lady recently sent me a text that said, 'I love the way your cock feels in my mom.' She meant 'mouth' and I appreciated that, but I still cried laughing until I couldn't breathe."


    9. Those Three Little Words

    "I sent 'I love you' to my girlfriend. Then told her, 'wrong person,' as I meant to send it to my mother."


    10. The Not-So-Secret Secret

    "One night, I drunkenly hooked up with a coworker. The next morning, I sent a hungover text to apologize and make sure we were both clear that it was a mistake and that none of our coworkers had to know about it. I sent it to another coworker with the same name who was notoriously the office gossip."


    11. The Sexually Aggressive Car Salesman

    "I was once dating a chick and I was doubting our sexual compatibility. I intended to send her something along of the lines of 'Do you think you can handle being with someone as sexually aggressive as I am?' Unfortunately, I accidentally sent it to one of my customers I had recently sold a car to, a 20-year-old guy."


    12. The 💩💩💩

    "I texted my friend I'd call her back after I was done pooping, but since I ate White Castle the night before, it may be a good while. I even put the little poo emojis at the end of the text.

    "I sent it to the painter I had been corresponding with all day who was actually downstairs starting on the kitchen. I wanted to die."


    13. The First Date Mate

    "After a first date, I texted my housemate saying, 'Mate, I've just met Gemma for lunch and I've got jizz all up my fucking T-shirt.' Turned out that I texted Gemma, not my housemate."


    14. Little Bitch, PhD

    "I once sent 'Don't be a little bitch' to my attending physician when I was a medical student. It was meant for my brother, but the attending had just sent me a text saying he was running late. Luckily he laughed it off, but I almost died."


    15. The Pervert Request

    "Back in the day when we all had flip phones and used T9, the letters for 'request' were on the same numbers as 'pervert.' So when my friend told me he had just made a Facebook account, I said, 'Cool! Send me a pervert!'"


    16. The Party Pooper

    "My girlfriend’s best friend invited me to help organize a surprise birthday party for my girlfriend. For several weeks, I told my girlfriend that I was taking a night class to learn how to cook. During these 'classes,' I was actually meeting up with her best friend and others to plan her party. Some nights, I even brought home food from a restaurant from the other end of town and claimed it as my work.

    "After weeks of lying to her, I couldn’t take it anymore. She was already very suspicious since many people in her social circle were busy on the same day every week. I sent a text saying, 'I don’t think I can do this anymore, it’s exhausting.' I meant to send this to her best friend. I sent it to my girlfriend instead.

    "To my surprise, she replied, 'Oh thank god you said something, I’ve been feeling the same way.' It was a very awkward birthday party."


    Have you ever had a cringey "Sorry, wrong text" moment? If so, comment them below!!!

    Answers have been edited for length and/or clarity.