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    28 Toxic Landlord Screenshots That We Should NOT Have To Deal With When Rent Prices Are This High

    I ❤️ not landlords.

    1. This landlord who knows how to keep things ✨hot✨:

    2. This landlord's frankly legendary paint job:

    3. This landlord who could be charged with breaking and entering and being an abysmal jerk:

    4. This landlord who apparently sees no problem with poo poo water:

    5. This landlord who doesn't like chocolates or coffee, I guess:

    Remembering when I moved out my first studio flat and I left a box of chocolates and some nice coffee on the side as a gift to the building manager and got charged £20 for the removal of leftover personal belongings

    Twitter: @becca__lr

    6. This landlord who "patched" the carpet, indeed:

    7. This landlord who GOT 👏 THEIR 👏 ELEVEN 👏 CENTS!!!!!!!! 👏

    8. This landlord who told a wee fib, I fear.........:

    9. This landlord who TURNED OFF THE HEAT DURING WINTER IN MINNESOTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10. This landlord who responded to complaints of a dead rodent smell like so:

    11. This landlord who had a weird flex, but OK:

    12. This landlord who *technically* did their job.......?

    13. This landlord who was clearly unaware of subsection 4042(c) of The CARES Act 😌💅✨:

    I’ve reached a new level of Karen with my landlord this morning.

    Twitter: @cat_hathaway

    14. This landlord who simply did what had to be done 😌:

    15. This landlord who made a tiny li'l oopsie!!!

    16. This landlord who PLANTED A SURVEILLANCE CAMERA?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    17. This landlord who allowed this electrical situation to go on:

    NYC LANDLORDS: It’s not that bad in the apartment. THE NOT THAT BAD APARTMENT:

    Twitter: @Snow_Blacck

    18. This landlord who was adamant in their "no pets" stance:

    19. This landlord who banned cooking in kitchens, naturally:

    Message from a landlord; don't cook meals in the kitchen

    Twitter: @FensterDJ

    20. This landlord who is absolutely DONE with trying to outsmart ants:

    Told my landlord we had ants and he said “We cannot kill them. We can not outsmart them. They have been here longer than us. They will find a way.”

    Twitter: @GraceGFreud

    21. This landlord who, to quote Smash Mouth, "Ain't the sharpest tool in the shed":

    22. This landlord who tried to justify raising rent with THE LITERAL BIBLE.......?!??!!!


    Twitter: @rachelbelllll

    23. This "Cookie Monster" by day, landlord by night 😏:

    why did my landlord text me this to inform me he ate four of my chip ahoy cookies without permission while i am not home

    Twitter: @fagtheworld

    24. This landlord who did not ✨remove✨ spiders, but simply ✨painted over them✨:

    25. This landlord who ignored the issue until there was undeniable proof:

    26. This landlord who saw regulating room temperature as a privilege few have earned:

    Welcome to renting in London! My landlord has just put our thermostat in a cage.

    Twitter: @alexmilsom

    27. This landlord who isn't exactly known for their handy skills:

    28. And lastly, this landlord who literally reached out to a landlord Facebook group for advice on how to scam people out of their security deposit??!??!?!!!!