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    The Goberian Is Officially The World’s Cutest Dog Breed — I’ve Decided

    *Mo'Nique voice* I would like to pet it.

    You guys, it finally happened.


    After all these years, I've finally found The World's Cutest Dog Breed™.


    So without further ado, let me introduce you to.........


    u/miloblue12 / Via

    They're half Siberian Husky, half Golden Retriever, and 100% ADORAPRESHILICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    u/DuvaLWRX / Via

    Golden + Siberian = Goberian. Get it?!

    u/Ryno3639 / Via

    And's just honestly CRIMINAL how cyoot they are!!!!!!!!

    As you can see, their coats vary depending on the colors of their parents and whatnot.

    So sometimes, they're golden like perfectly toasted marshmallows:

    And other times, they're basically just extra-floofy wolves:

    u/aurora4455 / Via

    Either way, I conclude that I would indeed boop them mercilessly.

    u/SimiJiles / Via

    Like, come ON!!!!!!!!!!

    u/C7GS / Via

    The snuggles this pupper would supply? Unparalleled.

    The fetchiliciousness that would ensue?!?!?!?! WILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TL;DR: Goberians are the cutest lil' nuggets of love and are *PROBABLY* the cutest breed MAAAAAAYBE ever.

    u/Oath_Break3r / Via


    u/markorathbun / Via

    In conclusion:


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