A 7-Year-Old Made Up A New Holiday That Celebrates Dogs And If You Don't Observe It, You're Awful

    🎵 Siiiiiilent night, hooooOOOOOOOOoooowly night 🎵

    Do you like doggos? Do you like celebrating stuff?! Then prepare yourself for Wolfenoot, a new and ~very~ wholesome doggo-centric holiday invented by a 7-year-old boy!!!!!!

    A couple weeks ago, the boy's mother, Jax Goss, outlined her son's inventive new holiday in this Facebook post:

    And basically, the internet shared the H*CK out of the post and now people are campaigning for worldwide Wolfenoot celebrations on November 23!!!!!!!!!

    I am now going to a #wolfenoot party in november and i am so pleased by this

    #Wolfenoot is on a full moon 🌕 The holiday is already blessed 🐺

    All I want for Wolfenoot is you! 🐺❤️🌕 #Wolfenoot #HowlyWolfenoot

    I love the idea that we have a new holiday because of a 7-year-old kid, his mother, and the internet. AH-RHOOOOOO!!!!! #wolfenoot https://t.co/tVN63LMQPP

    Wolfenoot — pronounced like wolf-a-noot, I checked — is when "the Spirit of the Wolf hides small gifts around the house for everyone" and dog lovers get the best ones, according to Goss's son/Wolfenoot founder.

    Wolfenoot traditions include eating roast meat — "because wolves eat meat" — and cakes decorated like full moons.

    "My son is constantly making things up," Goss told BuzzFeed. "But I never in a million years expected that when he said, 'Mom, I'm going to make a holiday...' it would actually happen from one of my many 'here's a cute story about my kid' posts!"

    Since Goss first posted about Wolfenoot on Facebook, a screenshot of her post has gotten over 12,000 likes on Twitter — she's even received fan art, invitations to Wolfenoot fundraisers, and recordings of potential holiday songs!!!!!!

    People are also sharing the different ways they're planning on celebrating:

    And if you're really in the spirit of giving this Wolfenoot, the official Wolfenoot Twitter account has suggested donating to a dog or wolf charity!!!

    For the record, we would absolutely love it if you celebrated #wolfenoot by donating time or money to one of the many worldwide dog and wolf organisations and charities. There are many to choose from. <3 Share the love.

    "I don't think he entirely grasps the extent of it, to be honest," Goss said of her son's reaction to going viral. "I've started showing him some of the art and it's made him really excited! He's just happy that people are having fun with his idea."

    A wolf spirit with his bag of goodies to hide, wearing a garland of moonflowers #wolfenoot #inktober

    BRB, calling all my friends and planning a Wolfenoot pregame and partay.

    TL;DR: Make sure to mark November 23 in your iCal!!! LET'S👏 MAKE 👏 WOLFENOOT 👏 HAPPEN, 👏 PEOPLE. 👏

    Tell us how you plan on celebrating in the comments!!!!!!