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    21 People Whose Parents Let Them Dress Themselves As Kids, And It Really Shows

    Conformists fear them.

    Recently, we asked the members of the BuzzFeed Community whose parents allowed them to dress themselves as kids to show us their most iconic, showstopping, and non-conforming outfits. Here are some of our faves!!!


    "Me aged 3. That's supposed to be a guard to keep shampoo out of your eyes, but I think it works far better at making you feel like a fancy Elizabethan." β€”mariek40d6af3ee


    "Honestly, I see nothing wrong with this outfit. Would still Pika-pick this look today." β€”uhsheel1515


    "I wore this for a day out in London." β€”daniikitten


    "This was the dress I wore for my bat mitzvah. Lest you think, Oh poor girl, being forced to parade around in multicolor chiffon feathers and sequins in front of hundreds of guests, let me assure you, I designed that dress myself. We hired a dressmaker, and I drew up my vision, which apparently was inspired by a parrot, and this was the result. Very unforgettable!" β€”llowe80


    "It’s really the bangs that make it." β€”brookelynbair1271


    "My dad's a musician. One day, he walked into the room only to find me in this ensemble, Kiss mask and all. Gotta love the pleather pants and jacket. I think I was 7." β€”funnyyface


    "The lipstick and red eyes really make it." β€”alytho


    "My shirt says 'Princess (in training). LMAO." β€”alytho


    "I was WAY into pink as a kid. And not to brag, but I was pretty fabulous. πŸ˜‚πŸ€· I wear much more neutral clothing now, but man, those were the days!" β€”mel4397


    "Our moms made us these mix and match fully sequined outfits (complete with frilly gloves) and I would wear mine for all occasions, including playdates with friends in their regular jeans and T-shirts. You can never be too overdressed?" β€”adriennes4e67d24f7


    "I was 11. The back of the shirt had an outline of Scooby's rear end." β€”kelleybrookk


    "1994 or 1995...thought I was so cool." β€”katiem4493674a4


    "I still look the same." β€”sarahs402d05f80



    Syd Robinson

    "Apparently I wore this very outfit to many child actor casting calls. I never got the part." β€”sydrobinson1


    "I really thought this was the most stylish outfit. Yikes." β€”hollyh411b812ac


    "Baby Me was such a mood!" β€”hmeddaugh1


    "You can SMELL the angst in this picture." β€”volcanogrrrl37


    "I thought this outfit was so, so cool. Yikes." β€”megann23


    "Oof." β€”jcl2323


    "My mom dressed me like a doll until kindergarten. Here is my first day dressing myself going to public school. Scowl? Check! Bad haircut? Check! Book bag? Check! Plaid overcoat? Check! Arm on hip? Check! Twiggy lunchbox? Check!" β€”pvc3313

    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    Show us your favorite self-curated childhood outfit of yours in the DropBox below!!!

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