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    19 Times Snow Just Went Waaaaay Too Hard, Honestly

    It's the snow that looks like Florida for me.

    1. When this snow out Alaska'd all the other snow:

    Front door of my house in Nome, Alaska. Under blizzard warning for 24 hours now. from interestingasfuck

    2. When this snow melted perfectly into the shape of Florida:

    The snow on my mom's lawn looks like Florida. from mildlyinteresting

    3. When this snow covered an aviary and made it look like the world was *QUITE LITERALLY* ending:

    Snow covered net roof of the aviary in the zoo. [OC] from mildlyinteresting

    4. When this ice froze to this fence and subsequently broke my brain:

    The way this water froze to the fence. from mildlyinteresting

    5. When this snow decided to live its truth as a patio furniture pastry:

    The snow on this patio table looks like a pastry pie from mildlyinteresting

    6. When this snow gave us full-on tree!!!!!

    The melting snow on this chair looks like a tree. from mildlyinteresting

    7. When this patio table snow gave us mandala vibes:

    This pattern out of snow on a patio table from oddlysatisfying

    8. When this snow said, "Fuck it, LIZARD!!!!!!!"

    The snow on top of this mountain that looks like a lizard from mildlyinteresting

    9. When this snow survived by the grace of this tree's shadow and NOTHING ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!

    The shadow left the snow on the roof untouched from mildlyinteresting

    10. When these icicles morphed into what can only be described as the curved fingers of the Abominable Snowman:

    Beautiful but weirdly creepy icicles grew on my house this winter. from mildlyinteresting

    11. When food coloring was put on these icicles and they kinda looked like Fruit by the Foot....???

    My dad put food coloring on icicles from mildlyinteresting

    12. When this snow decided it was finished being snow:

    The way the snow is melting off of my house from mildlyinteresting

    13. When this snow told a tragic, primal story:

    A snow imprint of a bird catching a Mouse from mildlyinteresting

    14. When this snow ✨rolled✨:

    The way the snow rolled down on my windshield from oddlysatisfying

    15. When this snow did its thing on this brick walkway!!!!!!!!!

    The snow has settled only on the outline of the bricks on my friends driveway. from mildlyinteresting

    16. When this snow went floppy for some unknown reason??????

    This Floppy Snow on My Railing from mildlyinteresting

    17. When this snow flat-out tsunami'd:

    The way this snow fell from oddlysatisfying

    18. When this snow sought out a shadowy refuge:

    The way the snow melted on my walkway from mildlyinteresting

    19. And lastly, when this snow was this perfect for NO 👏 GOOD 👏 REASON!!!!!!!!!!!! 👏

    This perfect coating of snow on my car last year from oddlysatisfying

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