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    32 Reasons Why I Could Never Be A Millennial

    TLDR; nothing worked that well and TV shows were a lot more problematic.

    Recently, my millennial coworker Ryan wrote a piece saying that he doesn't understand Gen Z.


    So as one of BuzzFeed's resident Gen Z-ers, I've decided to share some of the MAAAAAAAAANY things I don't understand about millennials, and why I, personally, could NEVA EVA be one. (Just to clarify: No hate, just...confusion.)

    1. '90s haircuts.

    Like, no offense, but were you '90s kids BLIND?!

    2. Dial-up internet.

    Back in the day, millennials apparently couldn't be on their phone and use the internet at the same time... Now all I do is go on the internet on my phone.

    3. TV shows were WAAAAAAAAY more problematic.

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    Like on Gilmore Girls when Luke called Kirk's bag "gay"? Or the whole "fat Monica" running gag on Friends? Or, IDK, literally any of these!!! 100% would NOT FLY in 2018.

    4. Saved by the Bell in general.

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    The brilliant folks over at Funny or Die even made this whole series, aptly titled Zack Morris Is Trash, to delve into the problematic nature of the show (and especially its protagonist). This episode's called "The Time Zack Morris Lied About Being Jewish To Go To A Baseball Game"!

    5. Buying CDs.

    6. Or buying any kind of physical media, for that matter.

    7. Not having a finsta.,

    For those of you who are a little lost, "rinsta" means "real Instagram" and is where Gen Z-ers post their more attractive, presentable pictures. A "finsta" means "fake Instagram" and is almost always private, and only followed by close friends. Finstas are where we post more ~unflattering~ pictures, party pictures, and memes, usually.

    8. Getting internet in the mail...?

    9. Having to call the restaurant to order food.


    TBH I have anxiety just thinking about this.

    10. Printing out MapQuest directions.

    This is giving me flashbacks of my family road trip in 2004. The scent of hot dogs from 7/11, the popping sound of our minivan's back left tire, my father's subsequent subdued rage...*sighs nostalgically*.

    11. Skip-Its.

    I've played with a couple of these in my day, and all I remember is that taking one to the ankle hurts like a BINCH!

    12. Putting food on your fingers???

    13. These dumb things where you stick one finger in each end and then they get stuck and it's supposed to be "fun."

    14. Also, always having to be on time to things because you couldn't text your friend, "running late sry!"


    A real and valid nightmare.

    15. And when you finally got a shiny new Nokia, having to press buttons MULTIPLE TIMES to get to a letter while texting.

    Pavel_korr / Getty Images

    Sexting must've really built up a lot of 266844422244462844466666. Just saying.

    16. Blowing into things to get them to work.

    17. Going to Blockbuster.

    18. Watching a movie and wondering, "Where have I seen that actor?"

    19. Having to look things up in an encyclopedia.

    20. Having to look up shows in the TV guide.

    TV Guide

    Like, what's The O.C.?

    21. Having someone tell you, "OMG, you have to listen to this band!" and then having to be like, "Yeah, fat chance I'm gonna spend $15 on that."

    Syd Robinson / Zoff-photo / Getty Images

    Discovering new music back then sounds...expensive.

    22. Scratches on CDs and DVDs.

    Delpixart / Getty Images

    "There's a scratch on the DVD? Oh well, guess you're just not gonna know if Mike and Sully get Boo back to her door..."

    23. Actually having to pay attention in math because your teacher always said, "What, do you really think you'll always have a calculator in the real world?!"

    Denisfilm / Getty Images


    24. Not having caller ID!!!

    25. Having to have a travel agent to go anywhere.

    Vm / Getty Images


    26. Asking people for their A/S/L.


    Now with apps like Tinder and Bumble, we already know how many miles (or even feet) away you are. Both creepy and convenient!

    27. Having to go to venues to buy concert tickets...?!?!?!?!

    Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images

    Like, are you KIDDING?!

    28. Having to share a phone number with your family.


    I can only imagine how ~strained~ my relationships with my family members would be if this was still a thing.

    29. Having to memorize phone numbers...


    TBH the only phone numbers I still know are my mom's, my seventh-grade crush's, and 911.

    30. ...or storing them in a plastic neon watch.

    (I didn't know these even existed, but my millennial coworkers told me about them, so here we are.)

    31. Having to actually watch the news to get the news.

    Paramount Pictures

    Like, news didn't just ping on your phone and show up on your newsfeed. You had to stop what you were doing, sit down, and actually WATCH it.

    32. And finally, NOT HAVING SQUATTY POTTYS!!!


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