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Which Fictional Character Do You Think Is The Most Problematic?

"Wow, this character from my fave old show/movie is actually incredibly problematic and I'm just realizing this now." - All of us

Have you recently rewatched one of your favorite old shows or movies and been like, "Damn, this character that I used to love is actually super, incredibly problematic!"???

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Because same. For example, umm... Ross Geller?!?!

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While Ross is just possessive and manipulative in general, one moment that sticks out is when he got mad at his student/girlfriend Elizabeth for wearing a bikini on spring break.

Or Zack Morris who literally pretended to be Jewish to get into a baseball game...?


...And then bribed Lisa to go on a date with a creepy guy who had been HARASSING HER just so he could blackmail the guy.

Or maybe it's the *Problematic Queen* herself, Miss Rory Gilmore, who, amongst many other infractions, once fat-shamed a ballerina in a Yale Daily News article!!!

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When Rory's editor told her to give her "honest opinion" while reviewing a ballet, Rory wrote that one ballerina was "a hippo" and went on to point out a "roll of fat around her bra strap." Not okay!!!

Tell us which characters you now find to be problematic in the DropBox below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video where we drag the literal shiznit out of these guys. Thx sm!!! 💁