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What 2017 Song Lyric Stood Out To You?

2017: The year of flops and bops.

Sure, 2017 did have its share of downs. But still, you can't deny that 2017 was kind of an awesome year for music.

VEVO / Via

There were plenty of inspirational ballads...

NBC / Via

...pop anthems...

Big Machine Records / Via

...and rap bops.

MTV / Via

So out of the 2017 releases, was there one lyric that really stood out to you?

Genius / Via

Like maybe one line comforted you when you really needed it.

Sony Music / Via

Or it made you say, "Wait, what?!"

Or it just made you laugh and want to dance it out.

We The Best Music Group / Via

Whatever it is, write your favorite 2017 song lyric in the dropbox below for a chance to be featured on BuzzFeed Community!