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    I Just Learned What People From All 50 States Are Called, And Some Of Them Might Surprise You

    "This is blatant Michigander erasure."

    Recently, research director and Twitter user Natalie Jackson looked up the ~official~ terms for each state's residents and decided to share them with us all. BEHOLD, her findings:

    After about a dozen arguments about what to call residents of certain states, I finally googled and found the U.S. Government Publishing Office Style Manual. Have fun with this, twitter.

    That’s right — people from Massachusetts are called "Massachusettsans." I don’t even know how to say that word.

    And like many others, "Michiganders" — er, I'm sorry, "MichiGANIANS" — are currently having an existential crisis.

    Obviously, Twitter had a LOT of thoughts, jokes, clarifications, etc.:

    @nataliemj10 I prefer the term "Les Missourable"

    "Wyomingite" sounds like that weird food-like substance that comes from Australia.

    @nataliemj10 Excuse me, we prefer to be called Florida Man and Florida Woman. We didn’t drive naked through a church with an alligator strapped to the roof of our car to be called “Floridians.”

    @dansaltzstein I'd always thought we were "Connecticutters" but the official version is much more flattering.

    Hawaii residents need to try harder while Hoosiers need to stop trying so hard.

    Utahn? (And no, it's not Hawaiian, which is an ethnic group and language.)

    @nataliemj10 @aedwardslevy There is no such thing as a "Massachusettsan." A person from MA is either a Bay Stater or a Masshole depending on their attitude and/or driving skills (or those of the observer).

    @nataliemj10 Nobody says "Illinoisian" they say either "Chicagoan" or "corn farmer"

    @nataliemj10 Everyone in NY is a “New Yorker”? Don’t tell that to anyone in NYC…

    Are you shocked by your home state's Official™ term for its residents?! Let us know in the comments!!!