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Former Hooters Employees, What Was It Really Like To Work There?

"You were a Hooters girl?!" —L.C.

Have you ever worked at a Hooters or some other equivalent? If you have, we wanna hear what that was like.

Were there any secrets from the job that you think others would be shocked to hear?

Maybe your manager would "inspect" you and your coworkers before every shift and make you fix your hair, makeup, etc.

Perhaps you had to deal with your fair share of "jealous" wives and girlfriends who went for a meal with their S.O. when you were LITERALLY just asking if they wanted extra blue cheese dip.

Maybe it wasn't uncommon for the men you waited on to find you on Instagram and Facebook and try to follow or friend you, which was always pretty creepy.

Maybe you even had to make some sort of military appearance and you were like "????????"

Whatever they may be, tell us your ~Hooters employee secrets and stories~ in the comments below. Yours just might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!