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    This New Internet Aesthetic Is Called "Cluttercore" — Not To Be Confused With "Cottagecore"

    Meet your new favorite ~aesthetic~.

    So at this point, basically everyone who's under the age of 27 has heard of "cottagecore," a Gen Z TikTok aesthetic that's all about baking, peaceful countryside living, and witchcraft.

    While TikTok is all over the whimsical internet aesthetic, cottagecore apparently has many different subgenres and aesthetic cousins, if you will.


    Wish I could share this loaf with you 🧸 Incase you haven’t heard, I love and appreciate you 🌙 #cottagecore #aesthetic #cottage #fyp #xyzbca

    ♬ My Neighbor Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro) - Aun J-Classic Orchestra

    And right now, we're gonna focus on one of my personal favorites: CLUTTERCORE.

    I first heard the term used here in @mdugy's video, and tbh, I immediately loved it:

    Basically, cluttercore is Marie Kondo's waking nightmare — it's like dark academia meets cottagecore meets light-to-moderate hoarding!

    personally i’m a cluttercore kinda gal

    So right now you might be thinking, So, wait, what exactly is the difference between cluttercore and hoarding?

    Well, I thought that this Twitter user summed it up pretty well by calling cluttercore "an organized mess" that feels "like a big surrounding hug."

    i love a full room. an organized mess. it’s full of personality and it just feels good to be in. like a big surrounding hug

    Cluttercore is about having an organized mess where everything has its place — there are just LOTS of things to shove in these said places!

    Cluttercore is all about honoring the little things you love. Like, imagine walking into a hole-in-the-wall antiques shop on a rainy day and you just immediately feel all warm and cozy. That's cluttercore!!!


    Some other common cluttercore themes I've observed are lots of old framed photos, shelves of books, and knickknacks that are probably (definitely) haunted.

    But really, you can make cluttercore as haunted or not haunted as you'd like. Just proudly display your favorite stuff in a loud, unapologetic way that makes you feel happy and comfy in your space!

    💞🌿🌞cluttercore ✨🍃🧚🏽‍♀️

    So TL;DR, if you're someone who finds sentimental meaning in every little thing, you might wanna consider a quarantine cluttercore room makeover.

    living in clutter isn’t too bad . sometimes there is good mess .. or even mess without chaos .. ur home being filled to the brim with things you love

    Minimalism is over. Time to FILL 👏 YOUR 👏 HOME 👏 TO 👏 THE 👏 BRIM 👏 WITH 👏 THINGS 👏 YOU 👏 LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👏