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Tell Us What Questions You Have For Tattoo Artists

Ask them anything!

You guys. I'm SUPER excited because pretty soon, I get to interview the reeeeeeally amazing tattoo artist, Eva Karabudak from BANG BANG NYC! I already have a ton of questions I want to ask, but right now, I'm just wondering what you guys want to know!

So I figured, why not utilize the BuzzFeed Community?! After all, you're the audience and I want to make sure this content is all you're hoping it'll be!

The CW

So have you ever wanted to ask a tattoo artist what common misconceptions about tattooing bother them the most?

Or maybe you want to know the worst mistake they ever made while tattooing someone.

Ooooor perhaps you'd like to know the significance behind their first tattoo, and why they decided to get more.

So if you have a question you'd like me to ask Eva, please leave it in the DropBox below! Thanks SOOOOY MUCH and can't wait to share this interview with you guys super suuuuper soon!!!!!!!!!