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What Innocent Thing From Your Childhood "Accidentally" Sexually Awakened You?

...or is this just a me thing?

Sometimes kids' books, movies, and general childhood experiences are kind of...unintentionally sexual.

And don't get me wrong – they DEFINITELY aren't supposed to be, but kids have dirty minds even before knowing what's actually dirty.

Like maybe the photography in your favorite book growing up actually may have contributed to your...uhh...bedroom preferences...?

Or perhaps you loved seeing how far you could fit bananas down your throat because it was just a fun and harmless competition, you guys, I swear!!!!!!!!!

Or maybe Professor from The Powerpuff Girls gave you — I'm just gonna say it — a big ol' daddy fetish.

AAAAANYWHO, if you relate to ANY OF THIS WHATSOEVER, please submit your strange childhood sexual awakening in the DropBox below for the chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!!!