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    20 Pictures Of The West Coast Wildfires That Show Just How Apocalyptic It Looks

    "If you are in denial about climate change, come to California." —Governor Newsom

    Wildfires are absolutely tearing through the West Coast right now, and despite the fire season having only just started, these fires are proving to be some of the worst in history.

    This is the view from a PG&E AlertWildfire network camera ~2 miles east of Paradise, as of two minutes ago.

    Due to several lightning strikes, unusually dry, hot weather, and a gender reveal party, these wildfires have been spreading all the way through California, Oregon, and Washington.

    Eli Harik wears a mask while gazing at the Bay Bridge and heavy orange skies due to nearby wildfires hanging over San Francisco on Wednesday, September 9 @sfchronicle

    People have been taking to social media to post their own sightings of the wildfires, which range from distant looming smoke clouds seen from Oregon...

    #Lionsheadfire from Red Butte. Jorn lake below. @Salem_Statesman

    ...all the way to this absolutely apocalyptic orange sky in San Francisco.

    Forest fires have gone fully Blade Runner this morning #SanFrancisco

    This local news reporter live-tweeted footage showing the bright red glow of downtown Stayton, Oregon, during the middle of the day:

    This is nuts. Downtown Stayton at 12:22pm. Be safe, everyone. #KGW #Oregon #Fire #Smoke #LionsheadFire @KGWNews

    It’s not even 4pm and this is what it now looks like in Stayton. The more yellow picture was taken about an hour ago. Crazy how fast things can change out here. #KGW #Oregon #Fire #LionsheadFire #Smoke

    Some folks are tweeting the views from their apartments in San Francisco, and they're literally otherworldly.

    No Filter, No Post - just the view from my apartment at ~8am on an abnormal Wednesday morning. #Wildfires #StaySafeStayHealthy #SanFrancisco

    not kidding i am on the red planet aka inside my apartment in sf right now

    Others have even been documenting their wildfire experiences on TikTok.

    Like this guy who showed us what the sky above him looked like around noon.

    And this girl who posted her view from Salem, Oregon, adding that she "can barely breathe" in her house despite all of her windows being closed.


    update for you guys, stay safe if you live in oregon & keep an eye out to see if ur town is evacuating ❤️🙏🏼 #westcoast #oregon #wildfire #pray #fyp

    ♬ Test and Recognize by Seekae .Flume rework. - daycore.audios

    One person specifically showed how much ash had fallen on their car, and yeah — it's pretty terrifying.

    These wildfires come just after a massive heat wave for California, where temperatures got as high as 117 degrees.

    Many counties all over the West Coast are quickly being evacuated.

    3 pm in silverton, oregon today,,, why is no one talking about these wildfires

    Not to mention, Northern California recorded the worst air quality in the world on Wednesday, Aug. 19.

    woke up to berkeley looking like mars- this is terrifying. the west coast is on fire and climate change is getting REAL real

    A few weeks ago, after even more fires were raging across the state of CA, Governor Gavin Newsom spoke at the DNC and said: "If you are in denial about climate change, come to California."

    This quote feels even more applicable today. So please — if you are in denial about climate change...

    San Francisco, 8:08am. No filter. The entire west coast is on fire.

    ...just look at California.

    Apparently space travel already happened. Hello Mars. #CaliforniaFires #SanFrancisco

    Or if you're anywhere on the West Coast, just look outside.