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    Wendy Williams Just Tried To Say Dua Lipa's Name And It's Everything

    "Is this a new Kanye song?"

    So, following last weekend's Billboard Music Awards, Wendy Williams decided to do a li'l ~red carpet recap~ on her show.

    One of the outfits she wanted to discuss was the silky purple ensemblé of pop queen/fashion icon/stan-worthy ✨GODDESS✨ Dua Lipa.

    But when it came to pronouncing Dua's name, Wendy had a — how do you say — uh, a slight "Adele Dazeem" moment?

    The way Wendy Williams pronounced Dua Lipa bdjdjdjdjdjd LMAO

    HOWEVER, Twitter is HERE 👏 FOR 👏 IT. 👏

    comedian: tells a genuinely funny joke with an actual punchline me: Wendy Williams: dula peep me:

    THE Miss Dula Peep HERSELF even weighed in:

    And in conclusion, this is my office's message board right now:

    Thanks, Wendy, and ILYSM DUAL L'PEE!!!!!!!!! 💖💖💖