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    19 Cursed Garage Sale Art Pieces That Possess Extremely Dark Energy

    Potent. Dark. Energy.

    2. This terrifying semi-phallic humanoid:

    3. This refurbished bird art, featuring laser beams:

    5. Jesus playing soccer with some youths:

    6. These crying baby creatures, perfect for any shelf or garden!

    8. These googly-eyed shells that are HIGH 👏 ART!!! 👏

    11. The miracle of life, brilliantly illustrated by these safety pins:

    12. This heinously thawed Frozen figurine:

    13. This clown, complete with a potential blood splatter:

    14. This outhouse "folk art":

    15. This...uh...I truly don't even know:

    16. This painting of Jesus taking the wheel, debatably inspired by Carrie Underwood:

    17. This shy lil' bear:

    18. This deeply disturbing mouthed rock, very postmodern:

    19. And lastly, I'll just leave you with this ominously smiling deer:

    H/T: r/WTFgaragesale