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    21 Weird Things That Have Unexpectedly Turned People On

    "So freaking weird, but when I let my Sims have affairs...?"

    Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the weirdest, most unexpected things that have ever turned them on, and...yeah. We got what we asked for. ANYWAY, here are our fave submissions:

    1. Senate simulation in government class

    "In my government class last year, we did a senate simulation where everyone dressed like senators and proposed their own bills, then debated on whether or not to pass the bill. Seeing my boyfriend up at the podium in a suit supporting his bill on equal wages was the HOTTEST thing ever!!!"


    2. Unfaithful Sims

    "So freaking weird, but when I let my Sims have affairs...?"


    3. Kisses from relatives

    "I had to ask my family to stop kissing me so close to my ear. I told them it was because I didn’t like the sound, but it was more because the opposite was true."


    4. Airplane turbulence

    "Airplane turbulence really turns me on for some unknown reason."


    5. Playing cricket during gym class

    "A year ago, my friends and I were playing cricket during P.E. and my guy friend was swinging the bat around. He decided it would be a good idea to hit the ground with the bat with all his might, and, well, needless to say, my brain decided to conjure up a ton of spanking fantasies right then and there."


    6. Male sculpters' hands

    "Videos of manly hands sculpting clay."


    7. Changing scalpel blades while dissecting cadavers

    "I’m in medical school and my boyfriend is too. Whenever we’re in the cadaver lab and we have to change out scalpel blades, he helps me because I’ve never been able to figure out how to do it. The fluid motion of him taking the blade off and the noise it makes when it falls into the disposal bin is SO HOT to me. I have no idea why."


    8. Foam rollers

    "Whenever someone foam rolls at the gym, I have to look away. It’s just too sensual."


    9. A coworker lifting boxes

    "My coworker helped me move stuff in the office. He lifted three boxes at once and let out a loud grunt. Whoa, boy! I was sweaty after that, and not because of the boxes!"


    10. A zombie at a haunted house

    "A perfect leopard growl from this zombie at Halloween Haunt."


    11. Solving Rubik's Cubes

    "When someone solves a Rubik's Cube. I think I underestimated them, and that's what makes it so much better. I smile and bite my lip while I watch in amazement!"


    12. When guys can type quickly

    "When guys type *incredibly* quickly on a, damn, boy."


    13. Taping hands together in high school

    "Back in high school, a teacher had us tape our hands together to show us how much we needed our hands. My friends and I obviously laughed and made jokes about bondage, but it was actually so hot."


    14. The crab from Moana

    "Something that weirdly turned me on was the crab from Moana. Specifically, when he sang the song 'Shiny.' Still questioning this at the moment."


    15. Testing landing gear

    "I was in school getting my aircraft mechanic licenses, and we had a project we had to do involving the disassembly, inspection, reassembly, and testing landing gear. In reassembly, you have to take some hydraulic fluid and lubricate the shaft that goes into the strut. My partner was the gorgeous girl that I had such a crush on. Well, she takes the rag and starts rubbing this long, hard, straight shaft with an up and down and twisting motion. Yeah... I had to hide behind the landing gear for a minute."


    16. Taking off watches

    "Whenever my boyfriend takes off his watch. Couldn’t tell you why, but I think it’s the sexiest thing!!!"


    17. Chopsticks

    "The way he uses his chopsticks when we're eating sushi. Nothing sexual about it, but he's so coordinated and fluid in his motions!"


    18. Post sex buffalo wings

    "I was hanging out with a guy I’d been sleeping with and we ordered some post sex food. The way he ate buffalo wings was so messy — sauce all over his face — but it kind of turned me on for round two, TBH."


    19. Going to the "dungeon" during a game of Cops and Robbers

    "My friends and I used to play Cops and Robbers as kids. I’m just now figuring out that adrenaline wasn’t the only reason why I'd always get so excited whenever I was escorted to our 'dungeon' (aka a pole that you just had to lock your hands around)."


    20. A theatre kid saying, "Ah, fuck me!"

    "Once at play rehearsal in high school, the kid who was playing the lead — who was a very good-looking Mormon boy — forgot his lines and just yelled out, 'Ah, fuck me!' I immediately realized I was gay from the instant boner I got."


    21. And finally, parallel parking

    "When my boyfriend parallel parks."


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