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    16 Weird Things People Have Actually Found In Airbnbs

    "Hello? Hi, I would like to book the Airbnbs with the gold butt mould in the foyer."

    1. This Airbnb featured a very lovely Jeff Goldblum shower curtain:

    u/Turtletwoshells / Via

    2. This Airbnb's lobby was covered in old repurposed cameras:

    u/xaxaxaxaxaxa / Via

    3. This Airbnb had...uh...dolls:

    u/spiffae / Via

    LOTS of dolls.

    4. This Airbnb host left plenty of...uh...~supplies~ for their guests:

    u/pdxherbnerd / Via

    5. This Airbnb had a map of the world where guests could mark where they were from:

    u/AdinDoesGaming / Via

    6. This Airbnb had repurposed doors as its ceiling:

    u/diamondsealtd / Via

    7. This Airbnb had a sign that denounced cigarettes, w**d, and fun:

    u/Foppful / Via

    8. This Airbnb featured a golden mould of a butt for decorative purposes:

    u/AlohaSquash / Via

    9. This Airbnb house had a little replica of itself on top of its chimney:

    u/Etkann / Via

    10. This Airbnb's kitchen table doubled as a Monopoly board:

    u/Lobro9 / Via

    11. This Airbnb's bathroom floor was tiled with pennies:

    u/Carcinogenicism / Via

    12. This Airbnb in Scotland (???) had a framed portrait of Obama:

    u/MilkandHoney6666 / Via

    13. This horse-themed Airbnb had this *punny* sign:

    14. This Airbnb had a repurposed bathtub as a couch:

    u/dark_moth / Via

    15. This Airbnb had lil' CHAIR SOCKS!!!!!!

    u/Craireee / Via

    16. And lastly, this Airbnb had these friendly reminders to take care of yourself:

    u/donotbemad / Via

    What's the weirdest thing you've fund in an Airbnb? Tell us in the comments!!!

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting