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14 Cakes That'll Make You Say, "Horrible Concept, But Brilliant Execution"

I am both very repulsed and very, VERY impressed.

1. This lovely arrangement of chocolatey turd pellets:

2. This minions cake that I truly have no words for:

3. This concerningly realistic sneaker cake:

4. This ashtray cake:

5. This camo Croc masterpiece:

6. This conceptually horrifying "twerky" cake:

7. This skunk-butthole-juice cake diorama:

8. Yup:

9. This disgusting blood-guzzling tick vermin cake that IS pretty impressive:

10. This 16-year-old's Monster-themed birthday cake:

11. This VERY Southern wedding cake:

12. This car cake......IDK:

13. This very niche masked cocker spaniel cake:

14. And last but sadly not least, this litter box cake: