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27 Childhood Sexual Awakenings That Are Weird But Frighteningly Relatable

I can't even begin to unpack these.

In honor of Sex Week, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their most bizarrely random childhood sexual experiences. Here's what ~sexually awoke~ these harrowingly horny folks:

1. The mayor's assistant from The Powerpuff Girls.

Cartoon Network

"AKA Sara Bellum!"


2. Whenever the boys in Rocket Power took off their shirts.


"I had the biggest crush on Twister and his bee-sting nips."


3. Princess Jasmine in the Aladdin TV series.


"I know a lot of people were awakened by Princess Jasmine in the Aladdin movie, but in the Aladdin TV series, there was one episode where she wore all black and had a whip. That definitely did it for me."


4. The scene from Matilda when Miss Honey pushes down her glasses.

TriStar Pictures

5. The host of Legends of the Hidden Temple.


"My first-ever hard crush was on Kirk Fogg, the guy who hosted Legends of the Hidden Temple. For whatever reason, seeing him swing in on the rope every episode made me wish he could carry me off to our wedding in the jungle...and boy, did I want to see what was under his denim shirts."


6. Ariel's feet.


"Ariel from The Little Mermaid gave me a foot fetish. Specifically, when Ariel held up her bare sole and wiggled her toes. OMG, that did something for me as a kid."


7. Resident bicon Jade from Victorious.


"Jade West solidified my bi ass and I’m not angry about it."


8. Disney Bad Boys™.


"Scar from The Lion King. Also Jafar. Take from that what you will."


9. A Justin Timberlake doll.

Evan Agostini / Getty Images

"I had a Justin Timberlake *NSYNC No Strings Attached doll. His pants 'accidentally' fell one time and this doll had a slight bulge in the plastic boxers..."


10. When Katara from Avatar danced in the cave with all the Fire Nation kids.


"There was really just something about that outfit..."


11. When Joe Jonas came out of the water in Camp Rock.

Disney Channel

12. Shego, DUH!!!!!!!

Disney Channel

"Definitely Shego from Kim Possible. My little baby bi heart was in love with her!"


13. When Aladdin got thrown in jail.


"That one scene from Aladdin when he gets thrown in jail and shackled to the wall...I was a weird little girl!"


14. Robeless Samurai Jack.

Cartoon Network

"Once I saw Samurai Jack robeless — I would say topless but he wears a robe — that was it."


15. Sedusa from The Powerpuff Girls.

Cartoon Network

"Sedusa from The Powerpuff Girls, especially the parts when she grabs the girls with her hair and chokes Bubbles."


16. Danny Phantom, obviously!!!!!!!


"Danny Phantom!!! The 'dark, mysterious outcast' stereotype that’s truly deep, caring, and brave got me going. Still does."


17. When Woody got restored by the old guy.


"The scene in Toy Story 2 when the old guy comes to restore Woody."


18. Sexy Nala!!!!!!!


"Definitely Nala from The Lion King...You all know the look. I didn’t know what I was feeling as a young kid, but golly, was it somethin’!"


19. This ultimate pleasure trifecta.

Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

"The combination of my teddy bear, my sister's erotic novels, and David Lee Roth turned me into a sinner around age 11."


20. This typo.

Jive Records /

"I was a huge fan of Britney Spears growing up and decided to look her up on my internet. I spelled her name wrong and up popped a porn star. Yup, that's how."


21. Mowgli getting hypnotized by the snake.

Disney /

"That moment in The Jungle Book where Mowgli gets hypnotized by Ka and Ka's body wraps around him. I can't explain why!!!"


22. Casper the VERY friendly ghost.

Amblin Entertainment The Harvey Entertainment Company

"EASILY the moment in Casper the Friendly Ghost when he turns into a human boy for one dance and says, 'Can I keep you?'"


23. Kovu from The Lion King.


"I don’t take criticism."


24. The triplets — aka "The Bimbettes" — from Beauty and the Beast.


"For me, it was the triplets who swooned over Gaston in Beauty and the Beast. I was always so mad that he didn't pick any — or even all three — of them. Looking back, I understand my bisexuality way more and am a bit surprised it took so long for me to realize."


25. The Power Rangers and all of their sexual tension.


"Like many kids in the ‘90s, I was obsessed with the first iteration of The Power Rangers. Other kids liked the Green Ranger because he was the brainwashed and sinister anti-hero, but I liked him because he was fiiiiiiiiiiiiine. He got a redemption arc when he morphed into the White Ranger. I shipped him and the Pink Ranger so hard, but I was low-key jealous that the Pink Ranger wasn’t me. I asked my parents for a Pink Ranger Halloween costume, and I had a White Ranger action figure that I carried with me everywhere."


26. Katy Perry's entire Teenage Dream era.

Capitol Records

"Katy Perry in Teenage Dream gave me a MASSIVE gay panic!!!"


27. And of course, this monumental childhood experience.

Siri Stafford / Getty Images

"I’m pretty sure this is a universal gay kid experience, but I specifically remember always wanting to walk down the underwear aisle so I could look at all the packages (pun intended)."


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