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    Cake Decorators Are Sharing The Weirdest Requests They've Gotten, And, Um...See For Yourself

    Mary Berry is horrified. HORRIFIED!!!

    Recently, we asked the cake decorators of the BuzzFeed Community to share with us the weirdest cakes they've ever been asked to make. Here are some of their most bizarre, inventive, and downright disturbing creations...........

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    1. This ever-so-nostalgic quarantine birthday cake:

    "A March 2020 pandemic birthday cake. There was no real toilet paper in our store at the time!"


    2. This pee pee puddle masterpiece!!!!!!!

    "This was a request from another coworker who had peed all over someone’s lawn, driveway, and porch. Couldn’t resist using yellow and making 'puddles.'"


    3. This cake covered in ✨CAKE✨:

    4. This Titanic cake that didn't break any copyright laws, apparently!

    "Copyright-approved Titanic. I get requests for cakes featuring the Titanic more than one might expect."


    5. This cake to celebrate a young queen dropping her first-ever big girl toilet dookie 😌:

    "For a girl named Hazel who did her first toilet poo!"


    6. This fine handiwork by a 16-year-old Dairy Queen employee:

    "Throwback to my husband's birthday! A month prior, his cousin thought I called him Semen instead of Stephen, and thus his nickname was born. I couldn't contain my laughter asking a 16-year-old DQ employee to make this cake!"


    7. This fun 'n' flirty boobie surg cake!!!!!!!

    "Her friend was getting a breast reduction or implants taken out, so why not celebrate with a cake! The tag also says 'breast wishes'!"


    8. This simple, yet effective cupcake:

    "This guy asked me to make fondant mushrooms for a cupcake because his son hated mushrooms."


    9. This charming play on the word "birthday":

    10. This iconic online order, of course!!!

    "Not long after I started at Walmart, we got this as an online order..."


    11. Just.......yup!

    "This one was a ‘push’ cake for a friend's baby shower! The sound the head made as it was pulled out and the jelly flooded back into the cake was disgusting!!!"


    12. This sincerest of apologies:

    "The only right way to apologize for giving someone pinkeye, TBH."


    13. This Tiger King one, classic 😌:

    "A Tiger King cake was requested!"


    14. This cake that I wish there was a pic of, but alas, the sentiment still packs a punch:

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    "A woman once asked me to write ‘Santa isn’t real’ on a cake. She explained that she felt her son was old enough to know the truth, but wanted to soften the blow with cake."


    15. This fondant cow head...?

    "I had someone request a cow head cake. Imagine opening the fridge and seeing that just chilling..."


    16. And lastly, these cookies get an honorable mention:

    "It’s not a cake, but..."


    TEEHEE! xx

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