18 Really Good Things That Happened This Week

    Tag yourself — I'm Kacey Musgraves filming Lizzo twerking!!!

    1. This week, this guy enjoyed breakfast with ~him~:



    3. This girl reminisced on her Fantasia-inspired childhood haircut:

    4. This kitters absolutely ROCKED this Snapchat filter:

    snapchat filters work on cats

    5. The most amazing drive-by interaction of ALL 👏 TIME 👏 was caught on camera:

    6. This lil' piglet just popped in to say hi!!!!!!!

    7. Elizabeth Warren gave The Perfect Answer™ at the CNN Equality Town Hall:

    elizabeth warren just ended homophobia #EqualityTownHall

    8. The ~Avengers~ ~assembled~:

    9. This porcupine communicated with us:

    Teddy the talking porcupine enjoys an autumnal treat. Sound on, if you please.

    10. This BIG BOYE did a light *boop*:

    this is the purest video i have ever seen (Stephanie Vice/SPCA Florida FB)

    11. This young man gave us the Incredibles reenactment we never knew we needed:

    12. These otters chased a butterfly:

    13. Kacey Musgaves was a proud mom videotaping Lizzo and her backup dancers TWERKING 👏 FOR 👏 THEIR 👏 LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👏

    14. HE HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No matter how bad the day, a few moments with a dog can make it all better.

    15. This SpongeBob cosplay won Comic Con and I WILL NOT HEAR OTHERWISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    16. This marching band POPPED 👏 RIGHT 👏 OFF 👏:

    that boy john done transferred schools on these folks!😂😂😂

    17. This retiree took in some abandoned senior doggos and did THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Everyone deserves a little fun in life, even stray dogs. Eugene Bostick, an 80-year-old retiree, noticed that people were abandoning their elderly dogs near his his barn in Texas so he took them in, built a train to take them out on excursions and the rest is history!! ❤ ❤ 🐾

    18. And lastly, while this isn't something that happened, per se, it's just a lil' fact that I think might make you guys smile!!! 😌