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    Updated on Nov 18, 2019. Posted on Nov 17, 2019

    18 Really, Very, And Quite Good Things That Happened This Week

    *inhales good, wholesome content*

    Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

    1. This week, this grandma coordinated her outfits with the flowers in her garden:

    2. This message in a bottle was found NINE YEARS and 6,000 KILOMETERS later!!!!!

    3. This guy turned these coolers into winter shelters for stray cats!!!

    u/Waifer2016 / Via

    4. These lil' goat bbs just wanted HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it’s official this is the best tiktok to exist

    5. Rocky here got scolded by his mom for eating her tamales:

    Pls enjoy this video of my mom getting mad at rocky for eating her tamales

    6. This kid maybe — JUST MAYBE — took the most adorable school picture OF 👏 ALL 👏 TIME 👏:

    So my sister had been preparing my nephew for his school pictures in advance this year. This was the outcome. I’ve been screaming all day.

    7. David Dobrik was *QUITE* pleased to learn of his new "Sexiest Heartthrob" title:

    8. This TikTok just really did THAT:

    This TikTok trend might be my favorite so far

    9. This lil' guy — fittingly named Narwhal — was born with a cute bb tail on his head!!!!!!!!!

    This is Narwhal. He was born with an extra tail on his forehead. It hasn’t wagged yet but he’s working on it. 14/10 always read the instructions before assembling your puppy

    10. This kid wrote the most inspirational and ambitious Christmas list, and I have to respect it:

    11. America's most precious angel Alex Trebek got choked up when a contestant wrote "We <3 you, Alex!" as his Final Jeopardy answer:

    Alex Trebek getting choked up during Final Jeopardy today messed me all the way up. #Jeopardy #WeLoveYouAlex

    12. This hospital dressed its newborns up as Mr. Rogers for World Happiness Day!!!

    13. This guy just wanted his kitters to be able to appreciate the art too!!!!!!!

    14. These guys fully committed to recreating the Phineas and Ferb title sequence:

    someone on tiktok recreated the opening theme song of phineas and ferb and its the best this ever😭

    15. This guy gave his cat a taste of his own medicine!!!!!!!!

    My cat loves licking me, but can’t stand when I do it back

    16. This kid *FINALLY* got a dog and BE STILL MY BEATING HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    17. The World's Cutest Grandma™ turned 98!!!!!!!!

    u/imobsessedwithsims / Via

    18. And lastly, this mom who ***DID NOT WANT A DOG*** got a dog, and, well—: