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    Updated on May 5, 2020. Posted on May 3, 2020

    16 Very, Very, Very Good Things That Happened This Week

    Aah, yes — wholesomeness!

    Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

    1. This week, this tiny human channeled ZEN 👏 and GOOD 👏 ENERGY!!!!!!! 👏

    My mood is to be this baby right now.

    2. This ~ R A I N B O Y E ~ just really needed a change!!!!!!!!!!!

    Best thing I did during quarantine...

    3. This girl's brother made her the *ULTIMATE* birthday cake fit for a princess!!!!!!!

    My brother made me the birthday cake from Sleeping Beauty 😭😭😭

    4. This runner saw an opportunity and seized it:

    Trynna make a tiktok and this runner just joined me 😂

    5. This mom started her very own squirrel picnic table business!!!!!!!!

    If you’re in/near Bolingbrook , buy a squirrel table from my mom. She’s out of work right now

    6. This lil' bunners got SPOOKED!!!!!!!

    still thinking about this video of my bunny looking for me than me scaring her 🥺

    7. These neighbors had some fun with this whole quarantine thing:

    8. THIS 👏 PUP 👏 JUST 👏 WANTED 👏 TO 👏 HELP!!!!!!!! 👏

    This is the best weather forecast in the history of television news

    9. This kitters showed off their new nails!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10. This absolute legend graduated in The Booty Shorts™:

    Update: 4 years later and she never came back from her quiz so here I am still chilling in the bathroom with booty shorts on, about to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing

    11. This lil' nug just tried to vibe OUT:

    I can’t stop watching this French dude’s content.

    13. This lil' sheep handler — and her sheepy sheep — absolutely OWNED 👏 THE 👏 EIGHT 👏 AND 👏 UNDER 👏 CLASS!!! 👏

    Spent the last hour judging the online sheep show And I have to tell you that the young handlers under 8 class was the cutest thing I have ever seen

    14. This guy made a funny:


    15. This dad was so proud of his daughter!!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭

    16. And lastly, this couple still had a lovely wedding ceremony, despite all the circumstances: