15 Really, Really, — Like, Really — Good Things That Happened This Week

    *inhales* *clicks on this article* *exhales*

    1. This week, this doggo doubled as a living, breathing bank account after getting accidentally shaved:

    2. Tofu here accompanied his hooman as he prayed:

    Dad can't go to the mosque due to the pandemic, so Tofu accompany him five times a day.

    3. This girl re-created the cover of Harry Styles' Fine Line FLAWLESSLY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Harry Styles Fine Line...but making the cover a black girl ✨

    4. This teeny weeny hamsterini enjoyed breakfast with his new roommate!!!!!!!

    5. These lil' kittens ~turned some tables~:

    6. This girl's wife made date night in quarantine extra, EXTRA special!!!!!!!

    My wife “took” me on a date to the movies. It was stupid cute and VERY expensive. 💜

    7. Big Poppa here captured all of our quarantined hearts!!!!!

    Big Poppa has been so sad today, I think he miss playing with the kids in the building. He just watches them from the patio

    8. This guy captured the wholesome antics of New Yorkers social distancing out on their roofs:

    Roof Culture during Quarantine in NYC

    9. IDK what this was about, but look at these geese in dresses and bonnets!!!!!!!!

    10. This kid proved to be a baseball star in the making!!!!!!!

    11. This family of foxes happily moved into these people's yard!!!!!!!!!

    12. This dogini helped his hooman with her online classes:

    I ask my students to send me photos of their dogs doing class work. It’s an under-appreciated photography genre.

    13. This mother-in-law won the coveted "Best Mother-In-Law to Be Quarantined with Award":

    14. This sheep......DISCOVERED HOW TO USE A TRAMPOLINE?!?!?!?

    15. And lastly, *THE* Elijah Wood hung out on this girl's Animal Crossing island!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    guys I tweeted my turnip prices and elijah wood just came to my island and hung out 😭😭😭😭😭 this is the best day in quarantine yet