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    17 Good Things From This Week That You Miiiight Be Glad You Scrolled Through

    *sniffs* So...*dabs tear* good...

    1. This week, QUARANTINE 👏 DID 👏 NOT 👏 STOP 👏 DATE 👏 NIGHT!!!!! 👏

    Quarantine couldn’t stop date night 😉

    2. These two ~mysteriously multiplied~:

    3. This guy gave a gripping play-by-play of his dogs' antics:

    Some sports are slower. More about the strategy.

    4. They danced 😌:


    6. This salon did their part in spreading DIY bang-cutting awareness:

    The local salon has bang cutting survival tips on their window. Best thing I’ve seen all week.

    7. HE GAVE A LIL' KISS!!!!!!!

    8. This dad BROKE 👏 FREE 👏:

    my dad sent me this and i am LOSING MY MIND

    9. Daniel Dae Kim's son made a very, very good TikTok:

    my fav thing on tik tok is now finding celebs kids. here’s daniel dae kim’s son 😭

    10. This horse dropped her apple, and it was equal parts devastating and adorable:

    My horses disappointment of dropping her apple...

    11. This guy upped the Zoom background game by 100000%:

    Today I made a Zoom background of myself accidentally walking in on myself in a Zoom meeting.

    12. These mountain goats started to migrate into a town that's been locked down!!!

    In the town near me (Llandudno) the mountain goats have moved further down out of hills and have started wandering around the town more to graze !!

    14. This little girl tried her best with pronunciation:

    Listen to how she says corona virus Lmfaooo kids so slow 😭😭😭

    15. This weatherman's dog made a lil' cameo appearance:

    16. Doja Cat was, well...Doja Cat:

    opened doja cats live to her reciting roddy ricch the box lyrics like she's reciting hamlet in fucking chainmail armour I-

    17. And lastly, these neighbors did a small act of kindness that seems like it went a long way 😭😭😭:

    My downstairs neighbor lives alone so he is borrowing our dog whenever he needs to. She’s down there right now. They’re eating dinner together.

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